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Health Benefits/Nutrition of
Medjool Dates

Health Benefits of Medjool Dates

The Medjool Date...

...is a versatile fruit brimming with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Fresh Medjool Dates are rich in invert sugars, providing the body with hours of natural energy. Dates also contain high levels of potassium; a nutrient proven to reduce the risk of hypertension and stroke. Since first being cultivated in the Stone Age, dates have been used to increase sexual stamina, promote digestive health and boost heart health. Order your Medjool Dates today to reap these health benefits!

The health benefits of Medjool Dates also include boosting brain well-being. Medjool dates are a rich source of Vitamin B6 which has been shown to improve brain performance and related test scores. Dayri and Halawi dates are especially rich in this nutrient. Purchase an Organic Date Sampler to try both of these varieties and find your favorite!

In addition, the Magnesium content of dates works as an anti-inflammatory. Consuming sufficient amounts of magnesium each day lowers the risk of Arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease. See the Nutrition Facts below for the exact nutritional content of each Medjool Date.

Pregnant women who eat Medjool Dates reap additional benefits. Studies by the University of Science and Technology have shown that eating dates during the last 4 weeks of pregnancy produced a more favorable delivery outcome. Eating dates also decreased the need for the induction and augmentation of labor.

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