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Xtra-Fancy Medjool Dates featured in a 2lb Box
Medjool Dates - Xtra-Fancy
Reduced Prices on all Xtra-Fancy Medjools
Medjools of Various Sizes
With up to 25% skin separation and some minor blemishes.

$23.95 - $70.95
Fancy Grade Medjools!
Medjool Dates - Fancy
Medjools of Various Sizes - 30 dates or less per lb
With 25 - 40% skin separation and minor blemishes

$24.95 - $71.25
Confection Grade Medjools
Medjool Dates - Confection/Cooking
New Item!
Medjools of Various Sizes - 35 dates or less per lb
With 40% or more skin separation and blemishes

$23.95 - $63.75
Pitted Medjool Dates featured in a 5lb Box
Medjool Dates - Pitted

Tasty Medjools without the pits,
which gives you more date weight per purchase.
Excellent for cooking and baking!


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