Official Fruit of the Sea Otter Classic
Fuel Your Body

You know all carbohydrates aren’t created equal—so it’s important that you’re eating the right ones. Natural Delights Medjool dates power your day -- from desk to dumbbells.

Your all­-natural energy boost.

Complex carbs provide energy that our body craves and needs.

Dietary fibre slows the absorption of these natural sugars.

Stay Energized

There’s never enough time in the day. That’s why you need to fuel your body to make the most of it. Do it the natural, wholesome way with fresh Natural Delights.

Your guilt­-free pick­-me­-up.

Natural Delights are a low­-glycemic food.

No added sugars, no problem.

No sugar spikes means no crash.

It’s energy that lasts.

Recover Naturally

Sore muscles scream for potassium after a tough workout. With potassium-packed Natural Delights, you’ll be back on the run in no time.

Potassium is your body’s recovery partner.

Your fresh, whole fruit post­workout snack.

Medjool dates contain 50% more potassium by weight than bananas.

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Our Story

It takes a special kind of place to grow the finest Medjool dates.

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