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Organic Date Specials!

We have an abundance of New Harvest Organic Medjools, and we sure love to ship these luscious dates as gifts!
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Take a look at these amazing prices:

ORG Large Medjools - 2 lbs - Just $13.95 - Regularly $15.95 - Savings of 13% (PLUS more coupon code svings below!)

ORG Large Medjools - 5 lbs - Just $33.95 - Regularly $38.50 - Savings of 12% (PLUS more coupon code svings below!)

ORG Large Medjools - 10 lbs - Just $60.95 - Regularly $64.95 - Savings of 6% (PLUS more coupon code svings below!)

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- Our Organic Medjool Dates meet or exceed FDA Organic standards.

- Eating Organic is an excellent way to prevent chemical pesticides and fertilizers from entering their body.

- Studies have shown that organic fruits are more nutritious than their non-organic counterparts.

- Our Organic dates contain higher levels of antioxidants and beneficial flavanoids and phylophenols. Organic Medjool Dates are rich in these antioxidants which lower the risk of cancer, heart disease and eye disease.

- Studies have shown that eating organic increases the longetivity of certain animals.

- Eating organic also benefits the environment as a whole. Organic farming doesn’t pollute the air, soil and air and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by consuming less fossil fuel. According to one study, converting all of America’s farming to organic farming would have the same effect as taking 217 million cars off the road.

- Organic farms embrace nature. Wildlife is an integral part of the organic farm – rather than displace nature, organic farms coexist with the natural world.

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